Enable your online community to navigate campus inside and out. Go from building-to-building and floor-to-floor with point A to B accuracy.

Interior Maps

You could say maps are our specialty. Working off of CAD floor plans, our navigational experts can build precise and easy to use maps for every building and every floor of your campus. Finding a classroom or assembly area has never been easier.

“CampusBird is a key part of OHSU’s wayfinding strategy. Our campus is really complex; we sit on a hill and when you enter some buildings you’re on the second floor, when you enter others you’re on the ninth floor.”
Oregon Health & Science University

Walking Directions

Getting from one class to the next on the first day of school in just a matter of minutes has always been a stressful experience. With CampusBird however, a quick search and a few taps will put you on the right track. Whether it’s between floors in the same building or across the quad, system will get you there.


Get the accurate point A to point B directions you’re used to from any location marker by bus, public transit, bicycle, or on foot.

Transit info

It’s simple to lay down bus and shuttle routes in CampusBird, putting easy to access schedules and more, right in your hand. Even live tracking is possible using dynamic data feeds.

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