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From K-12 to public universities like Arizona State University, CampusBird’s platform supports schools of all size, and every school finds unique ways to improve their campus experience with CampusBird.

Public Colleges & Universities

State colleges and universities tend to share a common challenge: simplifying navigation of a sprawling campus. With deep interactivity, smart wayfinding features, and limitless content ability, CampusBird is the complete solution to make your campus map fully interactive and a critical resource for students, parents, visitors and staff.

Learn why the largest public colleges and universities trust CampusBird for their wayfinding and virtual tour needs.

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Private Colleges & Universities

CampusBird is ideal for private college and university professionals looking to give their school an edge on the competition. With the ability to create powerful virtual tours, 360° photospheres, and detailed campus renderings, CampusBird is a proven and indispensable recruitment tool.

Take a look at some of the private institutions we’ve partnered with and learn why they chose CampusBird to bring their school to life.

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Community Colleges

Taking steps to enrich and promote student life is a key way in which community colleges can close the gap to larger, more expensive universities. Our platform is ready to unify your campus and be the hub of student activity information. CampusBird also seamlessly accommodates community colleges with multiple locations spread throughout metro areas.

Find out how we’ve worked with community colleges – large and small, to showcase their unique facilities, academics and more.

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Independent Schools

College preparatory, religious schools, boarding schools, and even child care centers have all found ways to benefit from CampusBird. Virtual tours, 360° photospheres, and and images of campus highlights are all ways CampusBird helps you create a positive and engaging campus experience for students and parents.

Discover why CampusBird is a premier solution for driving enrollment at independent schools.

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Graduate Schools

Enticing students to pursue graduate studies at your institution requires a different approach. With CampusBird, it’s easy to highlight sophisticated research and other facilities, as well as alumni success stories, experiential programs, and much more. CampusBird allows each school to tailor interactive content to appeal to its specific audience and academic or geographic strengths.

Learn why some of the top Graduate Schools depend on CampusBird.

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Medical Campuses

Teaching hospitals, medical campuses, and clinics can all benefit from the power and versatility of CampusBird. The ability to link together multiple clinics or locations in your network, navigate to a parking lot and then across campus to the very door of a doctor’s office, and allowing visitors to explore specific buildings, rooms and facilities, are just a few ways CampusBird can improve the patient and visitor experience.

Get a feel for how medical campuses and hospitals are using CampusBird.

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