Independent Schools

CampusBird is continually finding new ways to serve a diverse range of schools. College preparatory, religious schools, boarding schools, and even child care centers have all found ways to take advantage of our platform’s features. Taking a virtual tour, diving into a 360° photosphere, or browsing photos of campus locations are all ways parents and prospective students can see if a school is the right fit for them. Discover why CampusBird is the premier solution for drawing in prospective students and driving enrollment at independent schools of every shape and size.

How CampusBird can work for your independent school

In the independent school market, it’s important for marketing communications to focus on the parents of prospective students. Parents, after all, have the final say on where their child attends school. CampusBird can help by painting a complete picture of your school’s campus and grounds.

Our virtual tours and 360° photospheres are particularly insightful for students thinking about attending boarding schools. Being able to see their accommodations before they arrive can swing enrollment decision’s in your favor and ease the stress of moving away from home.

They can get a very clear visual of where they’re headed and get a good picture from a combination of the 3D visuals that we’ve created and the 360 degree panoramic images. So they really know what to expect when they arrive on campus and where they’re going.

CampusBird is ready to work with your admissions and marketing departments to build an online campus experience that will exceed the expectations of the parents of prospective students.

Get an interactive look inside campus buildings with 360° Photospheres

How a college prep day school is using CampusBird

All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, TX. All Saints’ boasts an expansive 147-acre campus with four schools spanning early childhood through the 12th grade.

With so many schools on one campus, efficiency comes at a premium. Morning and afternoon traffic jams were a recurring problem because the school lacked an easy way to communicate on-campus pick-up and drop-off locations to parents. Using our Tour Builder, All Saints’ were able to display carpool lanes for all four schools on campus, making for less headaches all around.

Managing traffic flows is just part of how All Saints’ was able to use our platform’s tools to organize their content and information while informing students and parents. In addition to marking important locations for students, parents, and visitors, they were able to preview upcoming construction and development on their grounds. CampusBird is excited to see how All Saints’ Episcopal Academy’s map grows inline with their campus.

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