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Enticing students to pursue graduate studies at your institution may require a different approach than with undergraduates. Highlighting sophisticated research facilities or viewing testimony from alumni and current students will be more relevent than dormitory tours or athletics information. CampusBird is a blank slate that allows each school to tailor their content to the audience they are trying to capture. See how the CampusBird’s limitless platform can be shaped to attract the graduate students you need to capture.

How CampusBird can work for your graduate school

Graduate schools often are just one or a handful of buildings on a larger campus, but they can still benefit from a tools in CampusBird.

Adding interior floor plans with wayfinding to a dense group of graduate school buildings is an excellent way to add usability and enhance the experience of a small campus map.

“The best part of CampusBird for us is integration with the other college’s maps of Claremont. We host many events that encompass multiple campuses, and the students love to be able to see where everything is from student housing down through the southern most college campus.”

Media Technology Coordinator, Claremont Graduate University

Mapping your graduate school is a great way to introduce the versatility of CampusBird to your university’s wayfinding and marketing strategy.

Maintaining an identity with CampusBird

CGU’s suburban campus sits 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles and is one of six Claremont Colleges and the oldest all-graduate university in the U.S. Prior to CampusBird, each of CGU’s departments created their own maps for various purposes. CGU and the consortium realized that organizing information and locations for six adjacent campuses was a daunting task, laden with inefficiencies.

“The biggest challenge for CGU was lack of a centralized map system entirely. Roughly 30 different maps existed on our website pre-CampusBird, created by various departments to meet their own needs.”

Media Technology Coordinator, Claremont Graduate University

The primary goal for the Graduate University was to maintain and distinguish its own branding and information amongst its neighboring colleges and find a more central solution that optimized communication and event organization. Our production team worked with Claremont Graduate to devise an alternative way to organize their maps in an easy to understand format. CGU now enjoys a customer-friendly and content-rich mapping platform that allows guests to toggle not only their campus locations, but all other Consortium points.

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