Don’t waste your money on static PDF maps or video tours

Budget season is here, and it’s important to plan now for your most important marketing tool in the fiscal year ahead. An interactive map, complete with unlimited virtual tours, will go a long way to boost your digital marketing program. Not only is your campus map the most viewed page on your site, with CampusBird it is the hub of marketing and all information for your school. Let CampusBird show you how your map can be transformed into your most valuable asset: a wayfinding device, versatile campus tour creator and powerful marketing tool. More than 145 of the country’s finest schools, including Carnegie Mellon, Mercyhurst University and Ft Worth Country Day are using the power of CampusBird’s interactive 3D map platform to bring their web marketing to the next level.

Carnegie Mellon Campus Map

Before your budget is complete, contact us to see a 10 minute demo today, to see how to turn your map into enrollment gold.

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