Data Integration

Parking, events, transit and more. CampusBird works with you to integrate third-party data feeds to further improve your online campus experience.

Data Import

Populate all the content on your map using a central data feed. Map management just got even easier. By having all location data in one place, map administrators can easily make edits and add new data.

Live Bus Feeds

For Rice University, we integrated Ride Systems’ Live Bus Tracker system. Clients (and students!) love the utility of having real-time bus information and routes embedded right into their CampusBird interactive campus map.

Parking Capacity

We worked with Arizona State University to integrate and display real-time parking lot occupancy information. Now, visitors to ASU’s CampusBird can see the number of spaces available, and lot occupancy is indicated with green (plenty of space!), yellow (filling up!) and red (full!) shading.

CampusBird’s mobile-responsible platform is extremely flexible, and we’re known for working hand-in-hand with clients to meet their needs with custom data integrations. Additional examples include. CampusBird’s integration of multiple ARCGIS data feeds- which are updated daily -onto Indiana University’s map. And for Modo Labs clients, we integrate seamlessly with the Kurogo Platform to display our clients’ CampusBird maps as a fully native mobile app experience.

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