Robust Content Management

CampusBird supports third-party data feeds that allow map administrators to take advantage of powerful features.


A consistent look amongst all marketing platforms is essential. CampusBird gives you the flexibility to represent your brand with ease using our exclusive map management system. Drop in your logos, set type styles, and match colors to infuse CampusBird’s maps and tours into your web presence.

“I love the fact that we can directly modify all the map content with an easy-to-use online system.”

Gary Sipe, Director of Web Services

Stetson University


Today’s content can be stale by tomorrow, that’s why CampusBird developed MapTimer. Schedule your institution’s event locations and information to display at dates and times of your choice. Administrators can set up their map for recurring construction areas, road closures, athletics events, commencement, and more.

Polygon Tool

Use this simple tool to draw overlays on your map. Polygons can be used for anything from labelling buildings to designating construction areas. Versatile and toggle-able, the Polygon tool is indespensible.

PrintMap Generator

Available on both front- and back-end of the map platforms, PrintMap allows all visitors and administrators to print an unlimited number of customizable maps for further reference. Maps could be distributed for events like game days, orientation, and more.

“We save anywhere from two to four hours a day with the PrintMap Generator.”

Grady Moore, Project Manager IT

Arizona State University


Find out where your map is excelling and where efforts need to be refocused. When using CampusBird as a lead generation tool, good data is essential for tracking successful campaigns.

Extensions & Integration

Add additional functionality and extra features to CampusBird including: Facebook, Foursquare, and more.

Data Export

Get complete control over your data with effortless data exports.

Login Authentication

Gate off your content and control access, safely and securely.

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