Community Colleges

Taking steps to enrich and promote student life is a key way in which community colleges can close the gap to larger, more expensive universities. Our platform is ready to unify your campus and be the hub of student activity information. CampusBird also seamlessly accommodates community colleges with multiple locations spread throughout metro areas. Find out how we’ve worked with community colleges – large and small, to showcase their campus amenities and athletic facilities.

How CampusBird can work for your community college

Community colleges can have diverse student bodies with needs that separate them from traditional four year universities. The nature of community colleges is that they are commuter campuses, meaning highlighting parking and transit locations is a key need for the community colleges we work with. One thing our platform makes easy is marking ADA accessible parking, entrances, and elevators, taking some of the stress out of getting around campus.

Many community colleges also have several campuses that students may have to navigate between for certain classes. CampusBird can seamlessly display and switch between all your campus locations. Inter-campus shuttle routes, stops, and schedules can easily be integrated in your map. There’s a reoccuring theme here: CampusBird takes the hassle and pain out of delivering rich user experiences to your students and visitors.

One of Tarrant County College’s six campuses on CampusBird

“Before, our challenge was our maps were one dimensional. It was hard to add everything to the map that would make the user experience in finding things easier. We couldn’t add interactive pictures, labels and videos without some serious coding to our website.”

Lisa Dobransky – Director of Content, Integrated Communications

Mapping the largest community college in Ohio

Founded in 1962, Cuyahoga Community College is the oldest and largest community college in Ohio with an enrollment of over 30,000 students. Made up of seven spread out campuses, the Tri-C puts a premium on communication, organization and their online presence. Thousands of students commute to one of their campuses on a daily basis.

In order for Tri-C to attain their goals, they needed one platform to manage their several locations. CampusBird got to work by creating multiple map instances for each campus, each instance displaying its own campus information. Tri-C found this solution to be a great visitor experience not only for front-end guests, but also for back-end map administrators.

“We love the interactive capabilities of the map. The fact, that we can provide all types of views make it even better. The addition of adding floors and room numbers make it easy for users to find their locations. Also, we are a multi-campus school, we love the fact that you can display the overview map of all our locations in one shot and let the user navigate to the campus of their choice.”

Lisa Dobransky – Director of Content, Integrated Communications

Tri-C is able to offer their students a dynamic tool to navigate all of their campuses while maintaining a clean and concise virtual experience. Their CampusBird map has helped Cuyahoga Community College present its educational presence across Ohio.

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