Private University of the Catholic Church

CUA was established in 1887 in a neighborhood known as ‘Little Rome’ and the sole institution of higher education established by the U.S. Catholic bishops. This prestigious university enrolls over 6,500 students and has been ranked as one of the nation’s best colleges by the Princeton Review. The campus boasts roughly 55 buildings, many being beautiful Roman Catholic architecture across 193 acres of land.


Rich in Catholic architecture, CUA has so much to offer, creating a challenge to bring this beauty to a virtual environment. CUA wanted to showcase its stunning architecture to visitors and prospective students. Building a solution themselves was far too time consuming and ultimately costly.

“At The Catholic University of America, we were looking to build our reputation as a national Catholic university with a web presence that accurately reflects the excellence of our school. We also wanted to show the we have an incredibly beautiful 176-acre campus in the heart of the city of Washington, D.C. CampusBird delivered a first-class interactive map that enabled us to achieve both of those goals.”

Bart Pollock, Web Content Editor

CUA needed a solution to tell its story not only visually, but historically, academically, and informationally, a challenge that demanded a single all-inclusive solution.


CampusBird was honored to tell Catholic University of America’s rich story. Through carefully placed media, creative virtual tours, and easy access to information, CUA has all the tools they need to create an engaging experience.

“We love the usability and reliability of CampusBird cloud-hosted mapping system. And the customer support is excellent.”

Bart Pollock, Web Content Editor

By repurposing historical photos, CUA created a historical tour for visitors to envision campus decades ago. They are also able to highlight their global programs, green initiatives, and ADA accessible routes on campus.

As with all CampusBird Maps and Tours, Catholic University of America will be able to shape and mold their map over time.


Take a look at CUA’s beautiful architecture through their 3D renderings and various 360° Panoramas created by the concept3D team. Then take a history lesson of their campus by playing their Historical Virtual Tour.

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