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About Concept3D:

concept3D is a software and services company with competency in large scale media services and web, mobile, and geolocation software development. concept3D offers: professional multimedia services, CampusBird interactive school maps and virtual tours, atlas3D map management system and simuwatt energy analysis and assessment tools. Over the past six years, concept3D has become the premier location based development company using satellite imagery to create the 3D models and Open Street Maps to enable location services – notably for top brands such as Disney, Google, Duke, and many others.. Other key clients, such as Williams University and Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund, benefit from concept3D’s software as a service – Atlas – the most advanced, easy to use, mapping content management system available.


Front End Javascript Developer

Job description:

Work in a small team of developers on a Javascript mapping application.  Our front end is built using the ReactJS Framework, and our backend is built on node.js and mysql. We host our application in the cloud and use docker containers to manage deployments.   Most of your time will be spent architecting and developing front end features, with an occasional mix of issue production troubleshooting and client communication. Strong communication and teamwork skills and a desire to work together with a small team of 3-4 developers are important. The ability to take initiative on a project, research and brainstorm solutions, and oversee the execution of a task until the end is key to success in this position.


  • Strong background in architecting and developing complex Javascript applications
  • Comfortable with advanced web development concepts (CORS, HTTP headers, session / cookie management, etc.)
  • Some familiarity with Apache Solr, PHP, MySQL (specifically “how these affect me on the front end”, rather than development / configuration skills)
  • Experience with javascript frameworks like React, Angular, Node.js, and Express
  • Using build tools like grunt and gulp
  • Agile Development and Continuous Integration
  • Using git Repositories

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with Backbone
  • Docker
  • SOLR Search
  • Cloud Servers like AWS or Rackspace
  • Building APIs with Node.js and Express.
  • Experience with the Google Maps API, Mapbox, or LeafletJS and OSM data.
  • Comfortable with networking concepts, specifically the application and presentation layers
  • Experience with Linux system administration (Ubuntu specifically)
  • Comfortable with these development / DevOps / build tools: GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, New Relic, UglifyJS, SASS, Compass
  • An eye for design
  • Experience with map-related math (mercator projection, haversine formula, etc.)
  • Experience with GIS

Key Technologies:

jquery, google-maps, solr, php, mysql

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

Account Executive

Job description:

concept3D is seeking a seasoned Sales Executive with a hunter mentality and “go-getter” attitude with high energy to join the concept3D sales team. The concept3D’s sales team focuses on two products; CampusBird Interactive Maps and atlas3D interactive maps.  These two products allow for exposure to many industries; Higher Education, City development groups, Convention Centers, Real Estate professionals..etc. The ability to think outside the box and get creative with engaging different platforms across multiple industries is encouraged without diverging from the goal of sales.


As Regional Account Executive, you will report directly to the Company’s Director of Sales, who will be primarily responsible for evaluating your performance.  You will be responsible for supporting and aiding in all aspects of the concept3D sales team; lead generation, prospecting, and most importantly meeting or exceeding quota expectations.   You will be able to determine and understand clients wants and needs, along with manage buying objections to help clients see the value in these products for their business or campus.

As a team member of the concept3D sales team, a Regional Account Executive is expected to deliver a compelling demonstration of the product by selling the value that is relatable to the business of interest.  The Regional Account Executive should be able to determine the needs of the client while managing sales objections through a consultative manner. Regional Account Executives work closely with development and production team to aid in the initial onboarding steps for new clients, and ensure this is a streamlined hand-off process. Ongoing communication with prospects is expected along with constantly moving and touching your pipeline.


  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • B2B sales via phone strongly recommended
  • Demonstrates a previous history of hitting or exceeding sales quotas
  • Demonstrates the ability to manage and overcome sales objections
  • Strong organization skills
  • Self starter and solution oriented mindset
  • Team player with high energy to motivate others and keep moral up in the sales environment
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Experience and Desired Skills:

  • 3+ number of years in sales
  • Proven ability to meet sales quotas
  • Consistent communication to keep prospective clients engaged; daily, weekly, monthly communication via phone and email to leads
  • Online Webinar and Demo experience strongly recommended
  • SalesForce proficient
  • Willingness to travel

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

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