Campusbird Vs Static Maps

Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity, CSU

There is great value in an interactive map, because things change daily. So a static map, all-too-often, is unusable the day it’s printed, and so we need to have some kind of a mechanism that will reflect really where the campus is on any particular day. Not just what was acceptable on the day that it was printed.

“So for me, an interactive map is absolutely vital, and anything can happen, anything. It is conceivable that a storm could arrive, and buildings could fall or trees could fall, or anything like that. Being able to direct people to where they need to be, you can’t do that on a static map.

“So we need to have something that people can rely on that they know this is how I get around Campus and this is where I need to be. So the value in having something this interactive is immeasurable as far as I’m concerned, and also cheaper in the long run.”