Campusbird for Admissions

Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity, CSU

“The idea of a map that would be better than what we have had historically began many many years ago. I have been on campus for a long time and prior to this position, I was the executive director of admissions. In that position, I was always trying to guide people to campus. Trying to let prospective students know how to reach our office, how to tour the campus, how to get an idea of what this institution was really all about.

“That’s when I realized that, as a campus, we didn’t really have an organized way to provide that information to students, and it got to the point that as an executive director of admissions I found myself creating maps and even hired an agency that had a plane fly over campus so that they could document what buildings existed so that we could create a map that we could then use for tours and use for different activities. So, for me, the value and the purpose of a map has been something that I’ve understood for a very very long time.

“So, when I got this position and we started talking about campus climate and really what we do to make things easy for our visitors, for our students, for our employees where they’re faculty or staff. Finding where [a map] is seemed to be a very high priority, and given the experience I had had as the executive director of admissions I knew that we needed something that was going to be usable and workable for everybody, whether you were a prospective student, a visitor, an employee, whatever it is, and I also knew that what we had was not suitable.”