CampusBird and Esri mapping software work hand in hand

CampusBird and Esri: Complementary Technology Creates a Powerful Campus Map Duo

With budget planning in full swing, many universities are looking to integrate an interactive campus map into their marketing plans. However, often times a school’s facilities team uses a functional map for maintenance, construction and other highlu detailed purposes, resulting in the school purchasing two maps for these two departments. Facilities typically uses ArcGIS data from Esri, but displaying ArcGIS data in a map that is not user-friendly isn’t best suited for marketing and admissions. Not surprisingly, marketing wants an interactive map that is not only functional, but also shows the beauty of campus. Both facilities and marketing can get what they need; CampusBird and Esri softwares work together to produce an attractive, mobile-friendly and “one-size fits all”  interactive map that fulfills myriad team needs.

What is Esri?

Esri is a leading builder of mapping and spatial analytics software known as ArcGIS. The maps and analytics that this software yields are extraordinarily complex and detailed, so much so that their use is heavily catered to specific fields or tasks. For example, geographers or people involved in facilities management benefit greatly from ArcGIS software because their maps offer so much detail that the user can see minute cracks in a sidewalk. While this detail offers many benefits to specific professionals, it can be overwhelming for campus visitors if admissions programs were to use ArcGIS software to build their maps. Learn more about Esri and ArcGIS here. Some examples of ArcGIS maps in action include Job Accessibility in Major US CitiesStreet Cleanliness In California, a Portland Bike Map, and Drought In The US.
CampusBird and Esri Can Work Together for a Campus Map

CampusBird and Esri: Uniting Campus Maps

Although ArcGIS is complex, CampusBird regularly works with this sort of data and can navigate the platform, adding to the powerful data that Esri offers colleges.  Admissions, marketing and facilities all have different needs from maps. Higher ed admissions and marketing pros need a public facing interactive map that is mobile-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use. A map that conveys the beauty and excitement of your campus to students, parents and others. Facilities (and other departments like student housing) require a map that offers highly detailed visuals and analytics; aesthetically pleasing visuals are secondary. CampusBird offers the ability to bridge the gap that has required colleges to learn, adopt and maintain two different interactive map software systems.

CampusBird and Esri work together beautifully. A CampusBird client initially attempted to use ArcGIS to build an interactive map for prospective students, but found the software too intricate to suit their needs. After missing several internal deadlines, they reached out to us to help them complete their map. Thinking about building your own interactive map? Here’s a must-read on interactive map buy vs. build

Already In Action

All eight Indiana University campuses (here’s the IU Bloomington campus map) have made use of the Esri data feed to unite their campus maintenance, function and marketing.

The Esri feeds offer a massive amount of data. CampusBird allows you to select the Esri data you wish to feature and display, while maintaining the other data for important internal use.

Additionally, the integration of these two softwares allows any relevant changes to be pushed to the CampusBird map as they occur on the Esri side. Now, at these campuses, facilities managers and admissions officers alike can use the same map for managing campus repairs, helping tour groups find parking, showing construction and road closures and more, simply by toggling overlays and functionality.


CampusBird can be your school’s all-in-one package to meet the interactive campus map needs of all of your school’s departments, from marketing to admissions, student housing, facilities, security, and athletics, among others, 

Esri user looking for a more polished and usable map? Let’s talk! Want to see what your school’s interactive map would look like? We’ll create one of our interactive maps using part of your school.

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