Lush 3D Renders

Utilizing satellite imagery and on-the-ground photos, our skilled team of talented artists accurately recreate your campus in breathtaking detail for added realism.

Free Sample Map

Custom Models

Our team of 3D modelers and digital artists are experts at replicating your campus’ buildings and architecture using satellite imagery and on-site photography. Every road, sidewalk, flower garden, tree, and even parking stall are meticulously created. Attention to detail is what we live and breathe.

“CampusBird provides Hope’s audiences with a beautiful drawing of our campus, dedicated features like location-specific media, and plenty of control for our content editors. It’s so much more than a Google Map.”

Andrew Meyeres, Assistant Director of Admissions

Hope College


Give your prospective students a glimpse at the values of your institution. CampusBird makes it easy to display detailed information regarding efforts in sustainable practices at your school. By adding solar panels to the rooftops, distinguishing LEED certified buildings, or marking compost sites you can demonstrate a commitment to clean energy.

We’ve rendered efforts as large as hydro-electric dams, and noted things as basic as a recycling location. CampusBird can be a tool to promote and educate students on environmental responsibility.

Branded Sports Facilites

School pride is something we’re extremely passionate about, so we love working with schools who are enthusiastic about their sports programs. The stadiums and fields we build are complete with team signage over the gates and logos in the end zones.

It’s the perfect touch of detailed branding that sets CampusBird apart and give your web traffic an immersive experience.

Seasonal Renders

CampusBird doesn’t fly south for the winter, we change with the seasons! Fall and Winter overlays are a great add-on-feature, giving your online visitors a life-like depiction campus. Our platform can show your campus blooming into spring, fading into fall, and tucking in for the winter.

Statues & Public Art

Most colleges and universities have rich history and character. Our designers go above and beyond to recreate all of the unique features your campus has to offer.

CampusBird will bring your digital campus to life by replicating all the outdoor amenities school’s are most proud of. Sculptures are modeled on pint sized scales, hedge labyrinths are trimmed by our digital arborists, and even murals can be depicted.