Campusbird for Admissions

Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity, CSU

“The idea of a map that would be better than what we have had historically began many many years ago. I have been on campus for a long time and prior to this position, I was the executive director of admissions. In that position, I was always trying to guide people to campus. Trying to let prospective students know how to reach our office, how to tour the campus, how to get an idea of what this institution was really all about.

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Grad vs Undergrad: How Their Needs Differ

From CampusBird Blog

Grad school is, in every sense, a different experience than that of the undergrad.

Grad students have been around the block. They’re familiar with the basic functionality of a college campus. For them, the process of learning about a university centers on specific educational facilities, prior experiences of cohort members, and the amenities that will help in their research, Grad school is about action points more so than social points. It comes down to a ‘WOW’ factor – graduate students want to be impressed with the entire portfolio of what a university offers. Unlike a student coming from high school into college, convenience matters far less than practical application and productivity. Let’s look at the best ways for universities to use 3D mapping and other digital technology to attract top graduate candidates.

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