How the Greenest Colleges in America Highlight their Efforts with Interactive Maps

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Earth Day is a great time of year to reflect on what your school is doing to ‘go green.’ Perhaps there are a few LEED-certified buildings on campus, electric vehicle charging stations, or a solar farm. How accessible is your campus to bikers and those riding public transit?

Environmental consciousness is growing throughout the country, and students want to know that their school is taking charge. They increasingly want to see their college making jumps in sustainability wherever it can, and are responding to those that do.

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Interactive Campus Maps for Game-Day Marketing and Wayfinding

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Marketing, sales and event planning and management are hugely important for college athletics departments. Digital campus maps can play a critical role in helping people find their way, learn more about what your campus offers before and on game day, and enjoy their experience more.

Hear from Colorado State University’s director of athletic sales, marketing and communications about how CampusBird’s interactive map and virtual tour platform supports the University’s efforts to build a powerful and fun game-day experience. Make your athletic department shine and get people excited about all your campus has to offer.

Chris Ferris, Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications, CSU Athletics

“But then ultimately on game day, [the interactive map] will activate our entire campus and our entire Fort Collins community in a much different and much more robust way than has happened here in a very long time. I think nearly 50 years if I’m correct.

“First and foremost we’ve developed a really comprehensive, entire game-day experience that is not only parking and transportation, but – four hours prior to game – where our team will arrive, how they will enter the stadium, where the marching band will play pre-game and how they will navigate throughout the parking lot.

“Where the student tailgate zone will be; where season ticket-holder tailgating opportunities are; where single game tailgate opportunities will be.

“How the alumni association will engage alums and their membership. How the athletic department will engage premium and general seat-holders.

“And so this map enables us to show all of that to everybody. And hopefully, provide new and unique opportunities to people that may be didn’t know things like that were happening, not only within athletics on game day, but across the entire campus. What’s going on at the business school on game day? What’s going on with vet-med, on game day? What’s going on with all different units and divisions across our campus…student affairs has an unbelievable plan for student engagement on game day and it’s going to be fabulous.

“Our students are going to have an experience like never before at Colorado State [University].

“And so this [interactive campus map] enables alums to know what advantages our students have today. Allows our stakeholders and sponsors and partners to understand what students and alums have an opportunity to do.

“So the [interactive map] is every bit a navigational tool, in the sense of where do I go and how do I get there, but it’s a communication tool, it’s an engagement tool, it’s a marketing tool. It’s all of those things in one package.”

Is an interactive 3D campus map a good spend for your admissions department?

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Interactive campus maps have revolutionized the college selection process. In one place, prospective students and their families can get a feel for student life, the campus layout, surroundings, dorms, athletics, parking, amenities and more. 

From an admissions perspective, a 3D campus map keeps a school ahead of the technology curve and competitive with colleges and universities across the country in the recruitment process. A sample map will provide a feel for the potential that a 3D campus map can bring to your admissions department. We know budgets can be tight, so we’ve broken down the key factors that ensure a CampusBird map will provide a good return on investment.

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Xplorer Virtual Tour by concept3D launches at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is among the first to launch concept3D’s new virtual tour software: Xplorer Virtual Tour, a powerful VR-enabled system that Texas A&M is using to give visitors an impressive and realistic way to experience campus life from anywhere in the world. Xplorer makes it easy and fun for visitors to explore Texas A&M on their own terms and at their own pace, and the system is easy to update and customize. 

Xplorer Virtual Tour can be utilized for its capabilities as a stand alone system, or as an add-on module to concept3D’s CampusBird interactive map platform – used by hundreds of universities, colleges and schools. Read more »

Use Interactive Maps to Highlight Biking and Walking Paths

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It’s that time of year again. Snow begins melting off the bike trails, campus sidewalks are dotted with budding flowers, and as trees and lawns rejuvenate with the warming weather, we’re all reminded of just how prominent the color green can be in our daily lives. Spring brings everyone outside again, and for many of us that means an increased commitment to biking and walking as a primary means of getting around, and reducing trips in the car.

College campuses have embraced self-powered transit better than perhaps any other segment. Biking to class is a quick, fun and environmentally friendly way to move about the campus. By highlighting campus walking and biking paths on your campus map, students, faculty and staff, and visitors can leave the car at home (or off campus) while getting around quickly and safely, as well as in a way that let’s people really explore and enjoy all that your campus has to offer. Here are four creative ways that schools around the country are highlighting their bike- and walkability.

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