Interactivity is Key to Reaching Generation Z Students

There are five generations living together on planet earth.  Without a doubt, younger generations – the digital natives – have a different understanding of technology as well as different preferences for communication. Using new technologies, such as interactive content, is a key strategy for reaching Generation Z students during the recruitment process. 

Younger generations also have different expectations. When prospective students visit your website for the first time, what will they see? Static images and content, or a mix of media that draws them in and caters to their expectations? Does it encourage them to explore? Is it interactive? Are you creating an immersive experience or simply providing a nice set of stock images?

As Gen Z students begin their college search, they’ll be looking online for information on the country’s many colleges and universities. Make sure your school is best positioned to reach these students by providing them with an immersive experience full of rich photos and videos, social connections, and an interactive map that shows them what their experience will be like if they choose your school.

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Ways to Use Alumni to Recruit Students

From CampusBird Blog

With student recruitment as competitive as ever, it’s important to tap into all possible resources. This includes those who not only know your school the best, but who also have amazing things to say about it – your alumni! Here are several ways to activate your alumni network as an important part of your recruitment strategy. 

When it comes to alumni, no other group has benefited more from their time on campus than those who successfully used their experience there to propel them into life after college. They are often more than happy to show some school pride, and help out their alma mater. As a recruiter, it’s up to you to use their story to show prospective students exactly why your school will be the stepping stone to their post-college success. Here are several ways to leverage your alumni network.

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