Texas A&M PrintMap Generator

Marketing Benefits of Printed Campus Maps

An interactive map is a key marketing tool that works hard to attract new students, and is a resource for your school’s community. Make your map work for you in more ways than one, especially because it saves time and resources. After putting in the time creating your beautiful interactive campus map, take it a step further and use it to created printed campus maps.


The best mapping program will allow you to include assets from your online map, including 3D renderings, pathways, labeled buildings and facilities, parking, and more, and incorporate them into a useful printed map for students and visitors alike. Having the ability to print out a customized version of the map depending on your needs – game days, freshman orientation, parent’s weekend – or allowing students and visitors to print their own customizable maps, is an incredibly helpful tool that not provides a useful service to your students and visitors, but saves your marketing team time and other valuable resources.

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Social Media Data Integration

Using Data Integration to Make More Dynamic Maps

From CampusBird Blog

Online campus maps haven’t always been as dynamic as they are today. With today’s technology, we are able to create beautiful maps with 3D building renderings and interactive capabilities. Users can click on an icon to make a pop-up appear, complete with high resolution images, videos, slideshows, and more.

One particularly exciting and helpful tool now available for interactive campus maps is data integration, incorporating live data feeds to provide pertinent information and bring the school to life for both online and on-site visitors. Below are some creative ways you can use data integration to make your map an important resource for all users, whether prospective or current students, faculty, or other visitors.

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Universities Find Success with User-Generated Content

From CampusBird Blog

Authentic and entertaining user-generated content (UGC) makes a big impact at colleges and universities because it highlights real campus life. Not only can UGC attract prospective students, but it also enriches the experience of current students and faculty and provides a valuable connection for parents and alumni.

In 2017, UGC will continue to gain traction as an effective marketing tool for universities. With this in mind, admissions professionals can highlight the best aspects of campus life by asking students, faculty, and alumni, to do the storytelling. Admissions professionals can piece together various bits of content to create a coherent narrative that brings the college experience to life. Because who is better at documenting campus life than those living it? This valuable content can be shared on the school’s website, social media outlets, and even on interactive campus maps to help showcase all the school has to offer.

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Using Interactive Maps to Highlight Off-Campus Activities and Attractions

From CampusBird Blog

The college experience extends beyond the campus. Here are seven ways to highlight off-campus activities and attractions for visitors. 

For the proactive admissions department, one of the best ways to take advantage of a strong digital web presence is by thinking outside the box. More universities are doing that by using interactive maps to promote their school to prospective students, and as a resource for current students, staff, and alumni.

But there is more to the college experience than campus life: off-campus activities and attractions are often of great importance to students and staff. Interactive maps can be an important tool to showcase what the local area offers, demonstrates that your school is truly part of the community, and encourages students and visitors to get out and explore the area.

Below are seven ways schools can highlight off-campus activities and resources worth noting on your interactive map.

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