Creative Ways to Use Interactive Maps from 2016 CampusBird Schools

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There are many creative ways to use interactive maps to highlight unique aspects of a campus and student life. Below are seven schools that came on board with CampusBird in 2016, and the creative ways they use their interactive map to highlight campus.

More and more universities across America and around the globe are finding creative ways to use interactive maps in order to reach their audiences. An interactive map is a strong marketing tool to attract prospective students, and as a resource and information hub for current students, alumni, parents, and staff. Below are seven schools that came on board with CampusBird in 2016, and some fun and creative ways they’re using interactive maps to highlight features on campus.

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Online Campus Experiences – Five Trends for 2017

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Online campus experiences are more important than ever. The following post offers five trends the CampusBird team expects to see in 2017. 

2016 saw its fair share of innovation from colleges looking to offer helpful resources for prospective, current, and former students. One of the reasons universities are developing online campus experiences is to attract new students. Another reason is to enrich the experiences of current students, parents and faculty. And last, schools want to provide a valuable resource for parents and alumni. Here are five things to look out for in 2017. Read more »

How College Admissions Pros Can Succeed in a Mobile-First World

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Admissions departments know first-hand how the digital landscape has completely revolutionized the college application process. Students want more information in less time, and while this can seem hectic, the mobile-first trend allows the admissions department to present its school in the best light. That is…if they take the time to optimize their site and other online assets. Here are a few tips to help keep your admissions department ahead of the mobile curve. Read more »