Create an Amazing Online Experience for Your Boarding School

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Students who attend boarding schools are immersed in a different learning environment than their peers in public schools or private day schools. Although boarding school experiences vary, students typically spend more time away from home and on their campus in order excel in academics and prepare for college life. This means it is crucial for students – both prospective and current – to have an online experience that allows them to easily explore and navigate the campus.

Check out the following two examples of boarding schools effectively using interactive maps and virtual tours to create a powerful and influential online campus experience. Read more »

How Higher Education Professionals Can Get Started with Virtual Reality

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By: Zack Mertz

The following post offers insight about how higher education professionals can get started with virtual reality, and includes costs, how-to’s and other important information you need to know.  

There’s a lot of excitement about virtual reality. And there should be. It’s exciting, in its infancy, and reports say VR will be a $38 billion dollar industry by 2026.

But there also seems to be a lot of confusion about virtual reality.

What does virtual reality mean? Do universities and colleges even need virtual reality? And if so, how can they affordably integrate virtual reality affordably? How can they make sure that an investment in VR pays off?

Our team talks about this often, because many of our existing and prospective clients are interested in or already pursuing some type of virtual reality. They understand how powerful virtual reality can be in providing an experience that’s both memorable and influential. They know that it can be a deciding factor in a student’s decision to schedule a visit and ultimately submit their application.

In this post we set out to answer the following question: what are three options and costs to integrate virtual reality into higher education websites? Read more »

How an Online College Experience Empowers Students

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College is a time when students are becoming more independent and want to feel empowered to make their own decisions. Because they’re living on their own for the first time, students need some reliable tools to help them make smart decisions.

With interactive maps becoming more sophisticated over the last few years, students can now find the information they need to feel empowered. Even better is many of these maps now add more customized features to let students have some choice in what they want to find or learn.

Here’s a look at how an online college experience empowers students to help them make the right choice in the university they choose. Read more »

Interactive Map Benefits – Infographic

CampusBird_LogoNew to interactive maps? No problem! The following infographic provides a quick overview of how interactive maps work, and interactive map benefits for education institutions.

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Four Steps to Use Your Campus Map on Election Day

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With election day just around the corner, here are four quick steps to help others rock the vote with CampusBird:

Step 1: Create a new category for Voting Centers on your campus map.

Step 2: Add location-specific information, like when polls are open and what parking lots are available for visitors.

Step 3: Turn on CampusBird’s MapTimer feature to automatically hide the category when Election Day is over. Set it and forget it!

Step 4: Blast the new map layer out on social media and share it with campus groups and administrators to help spread the word!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out Colorado State University’s campus map – complete with voting center information. To see how you can use an interactive map to power campus life and create a great experience at your school.

See you at the polls!

The CampusBird Team

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