How Interactive Maps Change the Game for College Homecoming

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The leaves are falling, covering the parks and fields of college campuses around the country with bright patches of orange and yellow. Fall fashion is in full swing as students begin to bundle up before heading to class. Pre-class snacks and conversation are taking place in union buildings and student centers instead of park benches in the quad.

Fall Leaves on Campus
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Headed to HighEdWeb 2016? Win 90 Days of Free CampusBird

HighEd Web 2016

This year at HighEdWeb we’ll be raffling off a 90-Day Free Subscription to CampusBird*. Read more »

Top College Campus Map Trends of 2016

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If you’ve had any experience using college campus maps, then you know how helpful they can be for students, parents and even employees. We’ve seen interactive maps become standard to help new visitors find more than just campus buildings. Now these maps help find various aspects to colleges most people otherwise miss.

At CampusBird, we’re proud to design hundreds of interactive campus maps for universities around the globe, and it’s always fun to see how our clients use CampusBird to create unique digital campus experiences, and to see the changes from year to year.

This year, many new college campus map trends have popped up. These trends continue to evolve, but we see many that cater to students personal lives or philosophies.

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CampusBird Integrates Ride Systems Live Bus Tracker

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CampusBird Map Visitors Now Able to View Routes, Real-time Bus and Shuttle Locations, Estimated Times of Arrival, and more

The team is proud to announce the integration of a live bus tracker into the CampusBird Interactive Map and Virtual Tour platform.

Rice University CampusBird Live Bus TrackingThe live transit tracker, provided by Ride Systems LLC, a leader in GPS tracking, gives CampusBird map visitors the ability to view routes, see real-time bus location along with estimated times of arrival.

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Highlight the Beauty of Your Campus with Seasonal Map Overlays

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Last year, Dartmouth College made a video showcasing their campus in the fall.

After seeing the campus transform into a colorful autumn landscape, it’s not hard to see why students would be attracted to the school. And there are so many campuses that shine across the seasons. Read more »