How Can Rural Colleges Compete?

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Small, rural colleges are critically important for millions of students, but it can be a challenge for these schools to attract students. This post offers several actionable take aways to answer the question: How can rural colleges compete?

In a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Lawrence Biemiller discussed the challenges small, rural colleges face to recruit incoming freshmen and maintain competitive retention rates. The story, “Small, Rural Colleges Grapple With Their Geography,” offers a fascinating insight into the everyday challenges that rural colleges face when competing to recruit and retail students.  Read more »

Announcing CampusBird Gives – Partnering with Charities to Give Back

The CampusBird team is excited to announce the launch of CampusBird Gives, CampusBird Gives Charity Program Logoa program designed to give back to the community through multiple charity partnerships.

The new program launches with support for the “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County. Read more »

5 Ways Higher Ed Marketing Has Changed

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Higher ed marketing – like any kind of marketing – does not stand still. Techniques that worked years ago are not as effective anymore, in large part because audience expectations have changed significantly. But also thanks to the many digital tools and communications channels spawned by the Internet.

But higher education marketing pros face unique challenges and the need to effectively reach a wide range of audiences from teenagers to parents to alumni. This requires constant vigilance to keep up to date.

To help you in that quest, here are 5 ways higher ed marketing has changed in recent years, and how it impacts your school.
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Beyond the Virtual Tour: Virtual Reality for Higher Education

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Right now, there’s a lot of talk about virtual reality (VR) across many industries, including higher education. Everybody seems to agree that VR is going to have a major impact, but when you ask VR Image“When?” the general answer seems to be….soon!

And yes, the potential application of VR in the classroom is massive. But in this post we’ll focus on how virtual reality can be used by admissions, marketing, facilities, alumni and other higher education professionals to improve the campus experience (and make their job easier). Read more »